Life Future with rimoco+

Smart Home Service

rimoco+ is a smart phone service that turns ON/OFF appliances connected to your home amenity terminal via internet in your room.
rimoco+ can turn ON/OFF and display status of preinstalled appliances, and also operate IR appliances.

A comfortable life any day of the week with rimoco+

Turn on AC and floor heating using the timer,
or change appliance settings depending on the temperature.
Set up bath remotely, and take bath right after getting home.
You can register IR appliances you own and control them.


Can be controlled
by smart speakers

Voice control with smart speakers such as Googl Nest/Google Home and Amazon Alexa is possible.

Google Home

Google Nest/
Google Home

For details
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

For details
  • *Please purchase your own smart speakers.
  • *Your home Wi-Fi is required use smart speakers.

Set Up Smart Speakers

Examples of controllable appliances

Examples of appliances with ON/OFF and status check capabilities

  • *Service is provided only to residents of apartments where FNJ's home amenity service "rimoco+" is installed.
  • *Controllable appliances may be different depending on rooms. It is not possible to add appliances through renovation.
  • *Entrance electric lock is not supported by smart speakers at the moment.

Examples of appliances controllable using IR light

  • *Operation of IR home appliances is not guaranteed.
  • *You must add register each IR appliance from the app.
  • *Not all IR appliances are supported.

Life with rimoco+ 

+Automatic Setting

Control appliances automatically using a timer.
Live comfortably any of the week.

+Key Lock

Even if you forget to lock the door,
you can lock if from outside.
Peace of mind in case of emergency.

+Remote Control

Adjust your room settin before you get home.

Hot summer or cold winter,
a comfortable room is always waiting for you.

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For condominum developers considering installation of rimoco+,
please contact us
from here

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